Experience Design

We help our clients listen to the needs of their users to create memorable digital experiences

Many modern businesses are defined by the experience they offer their customers, and can succeed or fail because of it.
Entelect has a multi-disciplinary approach to experience design. We are guided by our many years as an implementation partner and understand that great UX is a result of a collective effort throughout research, design and development.


We use various processes including user interviews, competitor analyses, stakeholder engagements and heuristic evaluations to learn and share insights about customer needs, behaviours and motivations in the digital world.

We conceptualise dozens of ideas and solutions for every problem and context. We build rich and interactive representations for the most viable ideas using sketches, storyboards, mock-ups, wireframes or code.

We plan and operate the best-practice iterative UX methodologies within an integrated and holistic software engineering team. We test and validate processes, ideas and prototypes in real world scenarios to establish a course of action.

Design sprints use the best of business strategy, design thinking, and technology trends to solve wicked problems by leveraging a diversity of ideas and perspectives.

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Experience Design

Omni-channel digital services

Digital-first products

Mobile, web and kiosk self-service


Enterprise mobility

Product UI upgrades

Customer experience research


We believe in looking beyond the technology, to business processes and other opportunities which may improve experiences or solve problems in smarter ways.

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