Invent and Deliver on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Accredited Entelect teams build solutions on Microsoft Azure to help our customers migrate, innovate and optimise.

With years of experience designing and delivering diverse cloud and hybrid systems on Azure, and our close relationship with Microsoft, Entelect is well positioned to collaborate with organisations moving into the cloud.

From strategy and provisioning through to build, deploy and test, we do it all on Azure. Whether you’re creating something new from the ground-up, or exploring the opportunity to take existing systems to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is an established, secure and modern platform of choice.


Invent with purpose

Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to
build, manage, and deploy your applications
anywhere. Use your preferred languages, frameworks,
and infrastructure—even your own data center and
other clouds—to solve challenges large and small.
With help from Entelect, you have everything you
need to build your next great solution on Azure.


  • Cloud strategies
  • Azure architecture and provisioning
  • Azure PaaS toolkit
  • Application modernisation
  • Kubernetes on Azure
  • Cloud migration

Microsoft competencies

  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Data Platform
  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Cloud Platform

Navigate and maximise your journey to Azure

Microsoft Azure presents a substantial breadth of platforms, technologies and tools on which to build and combine. 

Making sense of the cloud offerings within this growing tool set can be challenging as it requires experience architecting and migrating solutions on the platform, as well as constant awareness of new or changing services within the Azure universe.

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