Digital Dimensions Scorecard

Benchmark your digital maturity

For each of these 7 dimensions, select the option that best represents your current capability and receive tailored recommendations to shape your business.

1Competitive advantage and innovation
2Analysis and design
3Talent and culture
4Ways of working and DevOps
5Technology, architecture, and resilience
6Data-driven decisions
7Cost, risk, and efficiency

    You have no shared vision for leveraging technology defined and no strategic roadmap has been create yet.

    You have clearly articulated a strategic vision. But a roadmap does not yet exist, or needs updating.

    It is not clear how all parts of the business is supported bay technology.

    You have defined a strategic vision and roadmap, but goals and expectations are not being met.

    Balancing day-to-day operations with achieving strategic goals with technology is challenging.

    Your organisation has a clear understanding of the need to be a digital native business, and you are executing successfully on a well-defined roadmap within time and budget.


Where do you want to take your business?