Dev Day 2017

At the latest Entelect Dev Day, the day opened with Shashi Hansjee and Tomislav Ravic launching the new and updated company values under the banner, Become More. The updated values reflect the culture of the people who work at Entelect; always striving to improve, challenge the status quo, and building some really strong relationships on the way. The values were playfully attached to iconic movies that was launched in a playfully intelligent movie mashup.

As we headed into Dev Day itself, a number of Entelectuals exhibited their tech passion-projects, and six delivered presentations on topics ranging from Kotlin to Container Orchestration with Kubernetes.

The tech presentations were opened by Gail Shaw, who took us through ‘An exploration of non-traditional computer interfaces’. With an obligatory nod to Minority Report, she shared her own views on where non-traditional interfaces may end up, or not, in the future.

Next up was Christoff Smith, with a talk on Kotlin, pitched as ‘ridding the world of NPEs and other Kotlin magic’. Lawrence Puttergill presented a 20 minute lightening talk on Container Orchestration with Kubernetes, and Jesse Leresche took us through ‘All things Kafka’, sharing insights with us on Apache Kafka; the blazingly fast, open source streaming system that was open-sourced in 2011. Retief Fourie closed with Particle Effects with Unreal Engine 4 Cascade, telling us how to make our particle effects Unreal.

Unexpectedly, the trickiest twitter question of the day, was presented by Enrique Geldenhuys in his talk on RegEx asking, ‘What does the first RegEx example do? /\.( {2,})[A-Z]/’

After the presentations, employees took the time to hang out and interact with the demo’s on display. The curious at heart spent the day tinkering with the projects on display; enabling those Entelectuals with a strong sense of curiosity to feed their hunger for the new, and the ‘not yet known’.

Until next year...

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