Entelect has identified Phambili IT as a strategic alliance partner.

Phambili IT offers complimentary services to the existing Entelect Software and is well positioned to extend out our complete solution approach for our existing and future clients.

Phambili IT is a forward thinking black empowered company, passionate about improving business resilience. They exist to help their clients with the ever-increasing challenges that are faced in operating information technology environments. They aim to do so whilst contributing to the transformational change of the IT industry by creating opportunities for black business, employment and skills transfer.

Phambili IT understand that any business will face internal vulnerabilities, external threats and regulatory pressures (seen in the inner circle) This ultimately leads to failed audits, negative financial impact and possibly reputational damage (seen in the outer circle).

Phambili IT works alongside their clients to improve business resilience - to avoid negative consequences. They have thus developed a quick and easy model to determine business technology maturity and risk in a High Medium and Low level, to determine where focus should be applied.

Phambili IT looks to bring together GRC, security and bespoke software solutions to improve business resilience and improve competitive advantage.

Please do not hesitate to contact info@entelect.co.za should you require any further information regarding this Strategic Alliance/ Supplier Development initiative.

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