The finale: PASS Summit

These days of course, it’s for the entire data platform, not just SQL Server. R, Python, Power BI, CosmosDB and more.

That doesn’t mean that SQL Server takes a back foot at the conference. There will be a large portion of the SQL Server Dev Team there, a bunch of SQL Server Customer Advisory Team, a pile of Customer Support Engineers and more.

The first two days are started by keynotes. Wednesday’s by Rohan Kumar on the hybrid data platform and Thursday’s by Rimma Nehme on globally distributed databases, specifically CosmosDB.

I’m presenting a single session at PASS Summit this year, last session on Friday afternoon. The session is on the new feature in SQL Server 2017, adaptive query plans. This feature enhances the compilation process so that some aspects of the plan are chosen after execution starts, or for the query to be executed in two phases. Both of these are a major departure from the old compilation/execution process, which was a one-way pipeline with no way for the execution engine to adapt to inefficient plans or bad estimations.

Until Friday, I intend to sit in some Powershell sessions, Python, R and CosmosDB, and catch up on the vast amount of changes that have occurred in the database world this year.

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