Overhauling CBI Electrical’s online schematics platform


The CBI-electric Group has been in existence for over a hundred years and has built a diversified group of highly vertically integrated companies, each with a major footprint in different sectors of the electrical and telecommunication industries.

CBI-electric had a dated system in place that allowed clients and consulting engineers to design and perform basic evaluation of single-line diagrams for electric installations. The system could not be updated due to its distribution medium being a physical CD.

Following a detailed analysis and prototyping period, Entelect was engaged to architect and build out a modern, web-based replacement for this system, to be called CBI³.

Leveraging cutting edge browser and web technologies, Entelect developed an online, cloud-based design tool with drag-and-drop usability, inline configuration and real-time calculations and validation to guide the process. The tool also then allows the designer to save, version, and retrieve a bill of materials for their diagram using standard or customised parts that could be sourced from CBI-electric.

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