Scaling omnichannel the right way

Creating a consistent and frictionless customer journey

Omnichannel Digital Strategy

Not too long ago customers were only able to engage with a business in a few ways – in store, telephonically or through a limited web experience.

Today, the range of technologies have increased to include smartphones, tablets, smart watches and IoT devices, along with ever-expanding digital channels such a social media, chatbots and apps.

This has turned a relatively small customer experience ecosystem, that was relatively easy to maintain into something that is diverse and at times, divergent. How do companies maintain consistency in experience throughout all these systems, taking advantage of omnichannel design but still driving convergence, towards consistent messaging and experience?

User-centered design methodology worked neatly with desktop or single channel UX but now there has been an exponential rise in complexity due to multi-device ownership.

A single user now has multiple touchpoints and phases in a journey, which requires a solid omnichannel digital strategy. A user many start their journey on desktop, leave their home or office, and continue on their phone where they make a purchase and track delivery on their smart watch through alerts, finally answering a call on their phone to receive the purchase, then return to their desktop to post a review or return the product.

Users go where they are able to

A user will simply go wherever they are able, across your channels, to achieve their goal using the path of least resistance. This means that you need the following across channels:

  • Seamless integration (backend – API, microservices, cloud)
  • Consistency and standards (UI, UX)
  • Robust and scalable design system (regardless of channel)
  • Strategic selection of relevant channels (do you need an app, chatbot ect.?)
  • Robust research to inform channel decisions (validate which channels are appropriate and how to design for them)

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