Entelect and POWERX unlocking potential within South Africa’s renewable energy market

Entelect and POWERX unlocking potential within South Africa’s renewable energy market

Entelect recently completed a digitization project to enable one of South Africa's most interesting and pioneering companies to scale their operations. Here is the story behind our partnership with POWERX, creating a software platform to drive and automate processes as the business prepared to capitalize on a freshly-proven business model.

Watch and listen to Lelanie Gouws, an executive within POWERX, discuss and share her perspective on their digital enablement journey supported by Entelect. Unlocking their team and their businesses potential within South Africa's growing renewable energy sector.

POWERX is a forward-thinking and innovative company, and the sole licensed entity in South Africa, other than Eskom, that is able to trade renewable electricity between generators and consumers using the National Grid network. POWERX is a pioneer in this area, purchasing clean and green power from generators and selling it on to end users within South Africa.

A powerful business concept which was well executed by the POWERX team had meant a rapidly escalating set of demands on the organisation. The team was inundated both by requests from generators of renewable energy for funding and support, and from customers looking to participate in the green energy economy.

POWERX realized the need for a bespoke management system to support its business of trading renewable electricity, a unique and complex business model. The solution would need to reach across several business functions internally - including sales, operations and billing - as well as external users.

Entelect partnered with the team at POWERX to conceive, formulate and build the end-to-end platform which supports their core business functions related to sales tracking, supply and demand, allocation and reporting. The new platform is now managing all aspects of the business cycle without over-complicating functions and roles, an important consideration and requirement for their smaller operations team.

POWERX is growing rapidly throughout South Africa, actively looking for clean energy partners and re-sellers. If you're a municipality, a power generator or a business who wants to know more about how POWERX can help you - find them at http://www.powerx.energy/powerx-get-in-touch

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