Entelect and Ninety one: modernising digital investment experiences

Ninety One and Entelect have been in partnership since 2014, nearing a decade of collaboration and contribution to Ninety One’s pioneering asset management solutions and investment platforms.

Watch as Scott Carr (Head of Digital Technology) highlights the transformation of their transactional website for financial advisors into a modern, cloud-based infrastructure, and Donna Barnes (Deputy Head of Creative Marketing) puts focus on user experience and satisfaction of their investor platform.

Daryll Welsh (Head of Product Development) and Scott Andrew (Technical Lead and Solutions Architect) bring attention to the key aspects of the successful collaboration between Entelect and Ninety One, emphasising the willingness to learn and adapt, and the achievements of the Entelect graduate program in driving innovation.

Together, Entelect and Ninety One teams have embraced a culture of continuous improvement, fostering industry leading innovation that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

About Ninety One:

Ninety One is a renowned asset management company, recognised globally for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence. With a focus on delivering exceptional investment experiences, Ninety One offers a comprehensive range of services and products to institutional and individual clients worldwide. Their dedication to driving innovation in the financial services industry has positioned them as a leader in their field.

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