Entelect’s Tech Accelerator Programme

The Entelect Tech Accelerator is a platform for our people to work on pet projects. Pet projects can be anything from incubators to new businesses, social initiatives or even just building something as an excuse to play around with cool new tech!

We allocate eight hours a month to work on pet projects, sponsor a budget for any hardware or tooling (R2000 per person on the team) and assign Tech Lead time to each project.

The programme runs each year and signing up is as simple as pitching an idea and letting the Project Leads know the tooling, hardware and infrastructure required. Projects are completed over the year, and during that time we host a series of hackathons where the pizza flows, friends are made, ideas are shared, projects are accelerated, and trolls are attacked with Nerf guns.

The point of the Entelect Tech Accelerator is to learn and grow, so the idea and IP belongs to the participants and not Entelect.

The Tech Accelerator culminates in a yearend event (which is sometimes off the back of our second DevDay) where projects are showcased and judged by all competitors, fellow Entelectuals, and the greater Leadership Team. The projects are evaluated on several categories such as technical innovation, cool factor and utility. Don’t worry, it’s not a serious event but simply a fun gathering where people show off their achievements.

This year, we have adapted and will be running it a little differently. We will be hosting the first event as a digital hackathon.

The judges scores are tallied, and the winners are announced at the yearend function (for bragging rights of course). Prizes are anything from drones and 3-D printers to cold, hard cash.


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