Recently announced:
Entelect Azure Service Advisory

In partnership with Microsoft, Entelect is excited to announce the launch of a new consulting offering for enterprises exploring the Azure cloud platform in the pursuit of technology modernisation and leverage: Azure Service Advisory.

Azure presents a substantial breadth of platforms, technologies and tools on which to build and combine. With years of experience designing and delivering diverse cloud and hybrid systems on Azure, and our close relationship with Microsoft, Entelect is well positioned to collaborate with organisations moving into the cloud.

Making sense of the cloud offerings within this growing toolset can be challenging without being constantly aware of new services, and experience migrating, architecting or implementing solutions within the Azure framework.

Whether migrating, building or exploring Azure as a platform for your business, Entelect will help you navigate the choice of platforms and services available during our 4-week assessment.

The assessment will follow the approach illustrated here, and be tailored to the nature of the business and outcomes (e.g. migration vs innovation vs strategic project).


Full end-to-end advisory services over a fixed 4-week period include:

  • Week 1: As-is technology mapping for existing systems and enterprise architecture – Technology skills and preferences review – Strategic context gathering – Azure services demonstrations and explanations
  • Week 2: Solution design workshops – Integration planning – Technology choices – Costing scenarios – Migration planning
  • Week 3: Rapid prototyping or proof of concept – Interactive demonstrations – Assistance with subscription / tenant setup and configuration
  • Week 4: Summary and reporting – Review and present – Future flight planning

Together with Entelect’s broad experience across multiple industries and technology services, and supported by Microsoft Cloud Architects and product specialists, we will tailor options and solutions to your environment and systems to suit your business ambitions.


Learn more about Entelect’s partnership with Microsoft Azure.

About Entelect

Entelect is an end-to-end technology services provider focused on enterprise software engineering for core business platforms, digital channels and innovative products. Founded in Johannesburg in 2001, Entelect employs more than 1 000 technology professionals in the areas of software development, data, analysis, UX and specialised roles.

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